Fabrizio Munoz, Project Executive, Munoz Engineering P.C.:-

"The purpose of this testimonial is to rely my overall positive impression of MST as a General Contractor. The Project was performed in a timely manner within the budget allocated. MST was cooperative and very responsive to the many issues that arose during the course of the project. MST demonstrated great efficiency in managing the various sub-contractors and vendors and coordinating with the Construction Manager. In addition, MST did a fine job of processing and handling the detailed documentation, monitoring and updating the schedule and maintaining on time submissions of both required submittals and close out documents as called for in the contract." 

"We would not hesitate to recommend MST as a General Contractor and look forward to working with then in the future" 

Sergey Zabludovsky, Project Manager, HAKS Engineering Inc.:-

"MST was an ally to our Project Team and brought value beyond our expectations to our Project.  They provided a well qualified team, that was practical and very dedicated to the project's success."

Tanya Amusina, Project Officer, New York School Construction Authority:-

"I would like to be brief but informative stating that my experience with MST was very positive. Public School 42X was performed on time and within the budget. The GC showed complete cooperation and responsiveness to any issues that rose during the course of the project. GC demonstrated cordiality to all parties involved - school staff, inspectors, SCA Management. Their paper work was always very detailed and supported with proper back up, not to mention timely submittals of all documentation.

It was a truly pleasant experience to work with MST."

Lou Croatto, Former Director of Operations, Mount Sinai Medical Center - Real Estate Division:-

"During the several years I spent at the Mount Sinai Medical Center's Real Estate Division, it was my good fortune to have MST as one of the approved contractors allowed to work on the buildings in the portfolio.
Mount Sinai's residential portfolio consisted of some 20 buildings, ranging from 1900's tenements to mid-60's hi-rises and everything in between, including pre-war luxury buildings.

MST worked on practically every building in the portfolio and its scope of work encompassed all repairs to the buildings' envelopes, such as roofing (repairs and replacement), lintel replacement, parapet reconstruction, masonry facade repairs, waterproofing. Some of this work was normal wear-and-tear repairs, and some was mandated by Local Law 11 and followed the consulting engineers' scope and specifications.

In the years MST worked on the buildings for which I was responsible, there was not a single instance of shoddy or substandard workmanship or corner cutting. All projects were completed within the established budgets and schedules and, if any unforeseen circumstance appeared, both the field supervision and the office staff and management were immediately available to work out the proper solution within the institution's budgetary restrictions.
Excellent workmanship, responsive management and competitive unit costs - what else is there?"